Meet Our Pastor

Pastor L.D. Brooks Sr.

  Pastor Larry D. Brooks, Sr.

      Pastor Brooks is the exciting, gifted and anointed Pastor of the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church in Sandy Point, Tx. Often times he is referred to as "Real and Raw" for his honest and direct delivery of his sermons to God's people. Pastor Brooks was called to Pastor the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church in 1998 and under his leadership the church has significantly grown spiritually and physically. Pastor Brooks has a big heart and is very passionate about God's people. His sermons and lifestyle often promote spiritual, social and intellectual growth. Pastor Brooks has furthered his Christian Education by taking classes at the Oikodome School of Biblical Studies and obtaining an Associates of Arts Degree in Christian Education from the Trinity Evangelical Biblical Seminary. 

   Born and raised in Arcola, Tx (Fort Bend County) where he graduated from John Foster Dulles High School, Pastor Brooks is the youngest of 6 siblings. He is married to his lovely wife Mattie Brooks and together they have 3 wonderful children.

Pastor Brooks' spiritual journey began at the Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Arcola, Tx under the Leadership of Pastor Raymond Shepherd. Later in life Pastor Brooks joined the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor E.W. Cooper where he was ordained as a deacon. It was also at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church that Pastor Brooks was called to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he was later ordained as a minister by Pastor J. Amos Jones (Friendship Missionary Baptist Church).
        Pastor Brooks preaches all around Houston and some of its surrounding areas. His generosity, love, commitment, kindness and mission to change the lives of people through the word of God has impacted and helped change the lives of many. Pastor Brooks also knows that God is concerned about the total man and this motivates him to set a goal to accomplish the same, through the power and will of God...