Our History

From the 1800's to the Present

The Value of History
For many people, history is not valued; but the history of anything, of any people, of any family, of any organization is very important.   Even when it comes to the local church, our history must be known and valued.  History is nothing more than a story about the past that is significant and true.  Truth always matters and that is what makes our story significant.

Ancient cultures devoted much time and effort to teaching their children family history.  It was taught that the past helps a child understand who he is and most important where he comes from.  We live in a time of rapid change and constant movement.   Therefore, we think it is more acceptable and we have more value when we talk about where we are going rather than where we come from.  Now of course, I’m not talking about living in the past, but living from your past. When we don’t value history, then people, experience, lessons hold no importance for us.  Think about this: If history and where we come from was of not relevance, then the Word of God would never mention the lineage of Jesus or the genealogy of others.
Our ignorance of the past is not the result of a lack of information, but of indifference.  Many just don’t believe that history matters, but history is significant.

The History of Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church does a number of things:
·         It confirms that our trust has been in God;
·         It communicates to others where we’ve come from;
·         It causes us to have great appreciation of where we are;
·        It concentrates and sheds light on our experiences;
·        It calculates our failures as well as our many accomplishments;
·        It clarifies and teaches us valuable lessons for the future
·        It constantly reminds us of what we’ve gone through to get to this point.
Thank God for History………
A Brief Look into our History
Sandy Point, Texas was a farming community at the entrance to the Darrington State Prison Farm, on the Missouri Pacific line and State Highway 288 seventeen miles northwest of Angleton in north central Brazoria County.  The site is believed to have been the approximate point at which General Martin Perfecto de Cos learned the news of the battle of San Jacinto and left his cannon to retreat across the Brazoria River.  Sandy Point cemetery, on land that was once part of a sugar and cotton plantation, includes graves of some seventy soldiers from the Texas Revolution, the Mier Expedition, and the Civil War.  The local post office operated from 1854 until sometime after the 1930’s.  As early as 1884 the community shipped sugar, molasses, and cotton and had two general stores, several sugar mills and cotton gins, and a population of 250.  In 1906 Sandy Point had one white school and one teacher and four pupils and two black schools with two teachers and sixty-eight pupils.  These schools had been consolidated with the Angleton Independent School District by 1948.  Rice farms and cattle ranches eventually replaced the cotton and sugar plantations of the antebellum Texas era.  The population of Sandy Point fell to 100 by 1914 but rose to 200 by 1925 and remained at that level until after World War II, when residents began to leave.  In the 1930’s the community had a church, a school and scattered dwellings;   Only ninety residents remained by the late 1940’s and the population had dropped to 30 by 1970.
The Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church sits on the same property, which these historic events took place and today we celebrate 160 years as the oldest church in the community, and we have made every effort to preserve the historic nature of this church. This occasion brings fresh to our minds the life work of many of those who once were co-laborers on this same property.  Some of the ones that paved the way and laid the foundation..  We may have unintentionally omitted a few names; we apologize in advance if we miss the calling of a family member who also labored in and around this church.  We remember them for their noble lives, their lovable disposition, and their spiritual fellowship.  We hope that each of you will enjoy this day as we look back over the years and the events that have taken place so that we can have this day to celebrate.
History Highlights
Early1800’s Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church was organized
April, 1992, Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church was officially incorporated

Former pastors and Rev. D. A. Goston, Rev. T. Hand, and Rev. J. R. Griffin who served as Pastor until his death.  Later Rev. C. O. Hill
May 9, 1998, Rev. Larry D. Brooks, Sr. was called to pastor Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church.
Pastor Brooks was ordained by Rev. E. W. Cooper, at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Stafford, Texas on May 31, 1998. 
Officially installed on  August 9. 1998